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Lake Wendouree
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Precinct 1
Rustic Fountain Area

Precinct 2
View Point

Precinct 3
East Shore

Precinct 4
North Shore

Precinct 5
Northern Promontories

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Precinct 7
Lake Lodge

Precinct 8
Windmill Drive

Precinct 9
Olympic Precinct

Precinct 10
South West Shore

Precinct 11
St Patrick's Point

Precinct 12
South Shore

Precinct 13
Yacht Club Area

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Lake Wendouree

Lake Wendouree is an artificially created and maintained shallow urban lake. Since 1864, when a rowing course was first cut through the reedy swamp, it has been carefully nurtured by council and public spirited citizens. There is probably no better example in our country of such a well-used lake which strikes a balance between a myriad of potentially conflicting interests.

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The Lake has universal appeal -

  • As an urban oasis for passive recreation it can provide solitude to refresh the soul with its tranquillity and ever-changing light on the water.
  • The mature trees provide shade and a magnificent treeline across the water.
  • There is always someone walking a dog or jogging around the lake.
  • It is a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem which provides habitat and island sanctuaries for wildlife.
  • Anglers, bird watchers and groups engaged in environmental science field studies in Fairyland can enjoy rewarding experiences.
  • The rowers, sailors, canoeists, sail boarders and those just messing about in boats all enhance the visual richness of this beautiful stretch of water.
  • Paddle steamers, vintage trams, bicycles and cars transport people to their favourite spots without destroying the ambience of the lake.
  • The lake can also cater for huge gatherings of half a million people for annual festivals and cultural events and then be restored to its rustic charm in quieter times.

Lake scene

For planning and management purposes the Lake environs are divided into 13 precincts proceeding anti-clockwise from the south east, from the corner of Ripon Street North and Webster Street. The challenge for the Lake and Gardens Special Committee of Council is to manage the different precincts to please most of the people most of the time. Each precinct has special features and characteristics to be preserved. Use the side bar to learn more.

Lake facts:  
Circumference : 6 kilometres
Capacity : 3 860 megalitres
Maximum depth : 2 metres
Surface area : 238 hectares
Foreshore area : 16 hectares
Height above sea level : 450 metres