Lake Burrumbeet

Please Note: Due to the current drought there is no fishing on Lake Burrumbeet.

By Wayne Tempest from the publication:" Fishing around Ballarat"

This lake offers one of the most productive redfin hot spots in Victoria and is only a fifteen minute drive west of Ballarat along the Western Highway.

The vast 2100 hectares of Lake Burrumbeet has a seemingly endless supply of small baitfish which no doubt is the redfins main diet and an ideal bait. Galaxid minnows and smelt can be obtained by the use of a drag net around the sandy beaches of the lake.

Boat anglers are well catered for with several boat ramps suitable for craft of up to 5.5 m in length. Smaller aluminium boats and roof-toppers can be launched across the sandy beaches.

Fishing boats and water skiers should be very careful of the weather and the shallow rocky area near Pelican Point called Dangerous Reef. This area has damaged numerous outboard legs and propellers over the years.

Good fishing from a boat are at Race-course Point, South Shore and Dunny Bay. Best results usually come from fishing within 100 m of the shore line, where the average depth is around 2 m.

The sandy beaches of the south shore and Dunny Bay are great if you like to fish from the shore while the kids play. Other spots worth trying are Lambs Cliff, Burrumbeet Creek Mouth and quite often when the fish are on the bite and the news gets out, it will be wherever you can find a spot.

During the best redfin months of spring and summer, wading out to get that bit extra casting distance can be enjoyable and rewarding. Many locals prefer wading across the sand rather than fishing out of a boat. Like most redfin specialists, they usually fish with a running sinker or paternoster rig.

Trout (brown and rainbow) are also released into Lake Burrumbeet on a regular basis.

There are two good caravan parks situated on the foreshores of Lake Burrumbeet.