Garlic Bread $6.50 Herb Bread $6.50

Garlic Bread with Seeded Mustard and Melted Cheese $8.00

Bruschetta with Tomato, Spanish Onion and Fresh Basil finished with Parmesan Cheese $9.50


Soup of the Day $7.90

Dips, Creamy Beetroot, Tzatziki & our famous Bruschetta Dip $11.90

Oysters al a Natural 1/2doz $14.90 1 doz $24.00

Oysters Mornay or Kilpatrick 1/2 doz $15.90 1 doz $27.90

Oriental Basket full of tasty small fried morsels
$11.90 or $19.90 for a double.

Deep Fried Crumbed Camembert with Cranberry Jam $12.90

Crumbed Lamb Brains with Bacon $14.90

Traditional Shrimp Cocktail with tangy seafood dressing $10.90

Fresh Salmon Sashimi with Soy and Wasabi $18.90

Main Bill of Fare

Butter Fish Fluffy fillets deep-fried in a James Squire Ale Batter. A pint of the fine brew a perfect accompaniment. $24.90

Lambs Fry This dish is one of our Chef’s signature dishes. Thinly sliced, fried with onion and butter, served with Rich Gravy, Bacon and creamy Mash $22.90

Atlantic Salmon Fillet served with fresh poached Asparagus and Hollandaise. $28.90

Homemade Salmon Patties these are to die for, made from all fresh ingredients straight from our kitchen. $22.90

Greek Platter Chicken Tenderloins, OR Lamb cutlets, Greek Salad, Trio of Dips and toasted Turkish bread. $32.90

Crumbed Lamb Brains with Bacon and Gravy A learning experience. Be warned a sudden rush of intelligence may occur. So fresh they are still thinking! Beautifully crumbed with gravy and bacon. $24.90

Chicken Parmagiana Absolutely the best you will have in Country Victoria . Real Breast ,crumbed and prepared in house with our famous Parma sauce. $24.90

Rissoles Home made from prime porterhouse in rich onion gravy, the best money can buy! $23.90

Eye Fillet of Beef Big fat and juicy from only the best steers in the district. $33.00
Sauces to choose from………..
Creamy Mushroom, Pepper with Red Wine. Rich Brown Onion Gravy, Garlic Butter
, All $2.50
Creamy Seafood. $4.50

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets From the jolly Swagman himself, served with rich Gravy $28.90

Kings Kiev A Garlicky experience made right here to excite even the Garlic Kings and Queens themselves $29.90

Our famous Seafood Platter A feed fit for King Arthur, (round table not provided), fried and grilled selection. A very impressive dish that brings them back time and time again $34.90

House made Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni Tubes of Spinachy, Cheesy goodness smothered in our famous Parma Sc , Mamma would be so proud! $25.90

Add a Side if you like……..
Rissole $5.00 Fried Egg $3.00
Crumbed Cutlet $5.00 Onion $2.50
Baked Beans $3.00 Bacon $2.50

Our Chefs can cater to all customers with any requirements.

Children’s Menu  All $8.00

Milk Shakes (Ask for you're favourite flavour $4.50)

Rissole with Creamy Mash, carrot sticks and Gravy.

Crumbed Cutlet with Chips or Mash with Gravy.

Turkish Toasties with creamy Beetroot Dip.

Crumbed Chicken Strips with chips.

Battered Fish and Chips.

Baked Beans with toast.

Ice Cream with topping or without $4.50

Seniors Wednesdays
2 Course Luncheon

For $14.90 your choice of Soup and Main Course or Main Course and Dessert.

Lambs Fry with Bacon served on Creamy Mash

Homemade Salmon Pattie

Golden Beer Battered Butter Fish Fillet

Crumbed Sausage with Gravy

Creamed Sago, drizzled with honey

Pineapple Fritter and Ice cream

Fruit Salad and Ice cream