The Great Grape Road


Winelovers are spoiled on the Great Grape Road touring route, which encompasses the wine regions of Pyrenees, Grampians and Ballarat. A multitude of flavours and experiences await both the passionate collector and the casual tourist. Easily accessible from Melbourne and the Western Highway, the area presents an intriguing blend of history and innovation. Townships still bear the remnants of goldrush days and proudly preserve their heritage. The scenery is as varied as it is beautiful.

The Pyrenees, Grampians and Ballarat regions produce some of Australia's finest cool climate wines. Most notably shiraz (from producers such as Mount Langi Ghiran, Dalwhinnie and Seppelt Great Western) has earned both domestic and international recognition. The long, cool ripening period and low fruit yields combine to produce fragrant, earthy fruit flavours supported by elegant acids and tannins. Wineries are mostly smaller producers, with a hands-on approach and an emphasis on quality.


Cellar door experiences range in style from sophisticated tasting rooms to underground tunnels to rustic farmgate charm. Winemakers are keen to share their experiences and their produce. Plenty of cellar door discussion and information are the trademarks of a visit to the area. The unique characteristics of the wines form a lasting impression when sampled in the spectacular surrounds.